Clean Energy Transition

Why Transition to Clean Energy?

The Sierra Nevada mountain range, and subsequently the rest of California, is directly threatened by climate change. A few of the most notable impacts are outlined below. Transitioning to clean energy is a significant step in mitigating the effects of climate change.
“If our heat-trapping emissions continue to rise at today’s levels, scientists project that snowpack in the Sierra Nevada is likely to decline as much as 40 percent from historical levels by the middle of this century, and as much as 90 percent by the end of the century. If we make significant efforts to reduce our emissions, the decline by mid-century could be as little as 12 percent.” (Source) This snowpack is a natural reservoir for drinking water for the rest of the state.
Changes in snowpack in the Sierra have major impacts for the rest of the state of California as well. A recent UCLA study notes the following: “Snow cover loss and its associated amplification of warming have implications for water resources. Sierra Nevada snowpack plays an important role in California’s hydrology by storing water during wet winter months and releasing it in late spring and summer, when little precipitation falls. In the current climate, snowmelt recharges human-built reservoirs throughout spring and into summer. Dramatic projected snow cover loss strongly indicates that this runoff would be exhausted much sooner. A snow cover retreat may also lead to enhanced evaporative water loss at snow margins, diminishing water that would reach reservoirs.” Many of the reservoirs they are referencing serve as drinking water sources for large populations in California.
In addition to changes in water supply for the state of California, climate change poses additional threats. In 2011, the Endangered Species Coalition identified the Sierra Nevada mountain range as one of the “Top 10 Places to Save for Endangered Species in a Warming World.” This report identifies that “higher temperatures are reducing snowpack and shifting snowmelt earlier, putting species at risk in this global biodiversity hotspot.” Read the report here.
You can help mitigate climate change through making the transition to clean energy.


The Transition to Clean Energy is Underway!

The transition to clean energy is underway on a city level, nationwide! Cities from Los Angeles, to Salt Lake City, to Denver, to St. Petersburg, and many cities in between are actively investigating how they can transition to 100% clean energy to help mitigate climate change. To hear some of the cities involved talk about their reasons for wanting to switch to clean energy, listen to this press conference that took place on December 13, 2016:
A few notable quotes from the press conference:

  • “The transition to completely clean energy is an economic, moral, and public health imperative,” said Los Angeles Councilmember Mike Bonin.
  • “With an obstinate state legislature and the gridlock in Congress, it’s really up to the cities to look beyond partisanship and it’s up to us to work on real solutions,” said Darden Rice, Vice-Chair of the St. Petersburg, Florida City Council.

You can become involved in helping drive your community to transition to 100% renewable energy through transitioning your own home, or getting involved in the movement as an activist by contacting us at the Alliance or our partners at the Climate Reality Project and their I AM PRO SNOW campaign. You can make a difference at the ground level of this movement.
For help transitioning your own home to clean energy, chat with a representative at energy concierge, My Domino. More information about our partnership and how they can help you below. 

You Can Transition to Clean Energy Today!

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When you speak with a MyDomino concierge (with no commitment), MyDomino will make a $50 donation to the Sierra Nevada Alliance on your behalf! Donating to the Alliance has never been easier!
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Thank you for helping in the cause to reduce pollution and improve the environment!