Why Go With A Wireless Security System

Did you know a burglary takes place every 12 seconds which means 7200 burglaries cases are reported every day in the United States?, this is according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations. According to a report released by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, most burglaries take place around 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. and are through the unlocked doors and open windows. 70 percent of all burglaries reported are residential (home) break-ins. With such statistics, it’s obvious you need a security system to complement the work of our law enforcement agencies. Besides the first line of defense in our houses or our place of workplace depends on the security system put in place.

 Today we have varieties of home security systems in the market that differ from one another based on brand, price, types and other criteria spoiling the customers with an array of options. Some of them are paid per month and others are DIY without a monthly fee. 

There are two main varieties of security systems that’s wired security system and wireless security system. Both have their own benefits, but today we shall give you more reasons why go with a wireless security system.

1 It’s More Secure

The problem with the wired type of security system it’s that it’s vulnerable to a power outage, lack of internet connections, phone lines damages, and many other vulnerabilities. With a wireless security system, such vulnerabilities are eliminated and the wireless security system depends on a battery power back up and remote substations for monitoring the system. Criminals rely on cutting down phone lines and power lines when executing their acts and since now the system is more advanced it will definitely deter them.

2: It’s Easier to Install and cost-effective

One of the top advantages of installing a wireless security system is that the installation phase is easier compared to a traditional wired system which is costly and destructive. With a wireless security system, you eliminate the need or running with wires drilling holes into the walls, concrete, ceilings and even reroute your pipes. You may also be required to do some minor demolitions to accommodate the new wires, but all these changes are eradicated when you choose a wireless security system which only requires you a few screws, basic tools and equipment’s products which are easy to mount wherever you want in just a few hours. Besides, there are no demolitions required with wireless security systems since the signal can bypass the walls or any other obstacle.

3. Battery-Powered:

In addition to the cost-effectiveness of installing a wireless security system over a wired security system, wireless systems have the advantage of draining their power solely from their batteries.  I agree some wired systems have a battery backup, but it’s only an emergency measure which may provide enough time for a burglary to occur. With a wireless security system the issue of the power outage which is in engineered by burglars. Don’t forget the batteries aren’t your regular batteries that require to be changed every three weeks but these batteries are designed to last for months which means you will be protected for a couple of months before you consider a replacement.

Update 2019: we now have some solar powered security cameras. Take a look at the top 11 choices from liquid image co.   With better design and can save you a lot of money and energy.

4. More Resistant To Damage

With wired security systems, you can expect some damages to the exposed cables especially during renovations or through other accidental factors.  A wireless security system which does not rely on cables to power it up nor to transfer data has no such issues and require little maintenance.

5. Range

Whether your home sits on a quarter acre or you live on acreage, you don’t have to worry whether every corner of your home will be covered. Wireless security systems have very powerful signal strength which can also be boosted by the use of a repeater, therefore, covering your entire property.

6. It’s Flexible and Versatile

Since wireless security systems are easily portable and can be fitted nearly in every corner of your property, unlike the wired ones, as the owner of the property you are at peace knowing you have covered every edge of your property and in case of anything you have real-time alerts. In the event you’re moving you will easily carry along your wireless security system to your new location.

7. It’s Easy to Expand Your System

Changes are inevitable, and as you grow, you will need more of what you already have to satisfy the growth. Moving in on a bigger house, building another garage, hiring more workers among other things represent some form of growth. With a wireless security system, you can easily add more of these systems without the needs of a technician or so much labor.

8. Robust cellular Network

Imagine a scenario where phone lines are cut, your cell’s battery is dead, and your power goes out? Well with a wired security system these scenarios would spell doom for you, but with a wireless security system, you have nothing to worry about since wireless technology relay on cellular signal hence the police or your support personnel on the notification list will still get the distress signal.

9. Remotely Accessible

Among the advantages of having a wireless security system is that you don’t have to come home and access the central security system control panel to view what happened when you are away. With a wireless system, you can check what is going on your property from anywhere in the world and you receive instant notifications on your smartphone in case of anything. You have the ability to activate the alarm from a remote location, control camera angles for a better view, turn the lights off or on, set appropriate thermostats temperatures, activate the fire alarms and do so much more from a remote location.

10. Simple to troubleshoot

With a wired security system in case of any problem, you have to schedule a technician visit.  However, with a wireless security system, you don’t need the services of a technician in your property since the issue can be identified remotely and get fixed by the installer from a remote location. In other cases, you don’t need the services of the installer since many wireless systems have their own troubleshooting mechanism which will notify you where the problem component is such as low battery.

11. Easy Upgrades

One of the problems with a hardwired security system is the issue of upgrading which can be very expensive and time-consuming. With a wireless security system, you can easily replace one part with an upgraded model, add additional sensors, and install additional features, without spending so much or consuming so much time.

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Investing in a wireless security system would not just be cost-effective in the long run, but you will find comfort and have peace of mind knowing you can control and monitor your property remotely. It’s a small investment that will go a long way towards enhancing your security.